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Halloween Costumes Ideas

Where To Get Star Wars Costumes: The Force Awakens

by ACcosplay Costume 01 Mar 2021

Star Wars The Force Awakens has already become a legend, leaving everyone with a burning question: which Star Wars character should I cosplay? To find the answer, we’ve put together Star Wars costumes for last-minute cosplayers. Here you can find iconic Ren costume, Kylo Ren costume, etc to help you transform into your favorite characters. Read our cosplay ideas for adult Star Wars costumes below and you’ll figure out how to dress up yourself with Star Wars cosplay costumes.


  1. The Force Awakens

  2. ACcosplay Best Selections Of Star Wars Costumes The Force Awakens

         2.1 Rey Costume  

         2.2 Darth Vader Costume

         2.3 Kylo Ren Costume

         2.4 Luke Skywalker Costume

         2.5 General Hux Costume

  1. Hot Sell Star Wars Costumes

  2. Where To Get Star Wars Costumes?

The Force Awakens

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an interplanetary civil war raged on and the world was introduced to one of the most epic stories of all time. Since 1977, when the Star Wars film was released, the world has been captivated by the story of the Jedi, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the rest of the film’s iconic cast. The Star Wars franchise continued to captivate audience with The Force Awakens, engrossing story, unforgettable characters, and epic battles between good and evil. As a staple of pop culture, Star Wars costumes dominates the costume market.

Looking for adults Star Wars costumes? You must have seen a lot of amazing Star Wars cosplay examples, but where to get Star Wars costumes? Whether you’re dressing yourself up for May 4th or Halloween, the force will be with you with one of these top Star Wars cosplay costumes from The Force Awakens, best cosplay costumes you can find to make authentic Star Wars cosplay you’ve been longing for a long time.

ACcosplay Best Selections Of Star Wars Costumes The Force Awakens

The following are cosplay ideas for those who need adults Star Wars costumes, best for convention, Halloween, theme party, comic, etc. If you are doing Family cosplay with kids, don’t miss out kids Star Wars costumes as well from Now get ready for Star Wars cosplay costumes for you my fellows!

Rey Costume

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Customer Review: The quality of the product is really nice and the look is very cute. - Gtyo


Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Cosplay Costume
                                          Product Page


Star Wars The Force Awakens introduced Rey, a plucky force-sensitive scavenger from the desert planet Jakku. It all ends with one of the most awaited Jedi taking on the darkest space of the Dark side. She’s no other Rey - apprentice to Luke Skywalker training of how to use the good side of the Force. Get on with Rey costume The Force Awakens for your next convention happening near you.  

Darth Vader Costume

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Customer Review: This is brilliant! Husband is 6’3 and always struggle with costumes but this fit really well and is great quality. He got a lot of comments. - Sophia


Star Wars The Last Jedi Darth Vader Cosplay Costume


                                           Product Page

Avail this well accumulated Darth Vader costume that camouflages your real looks with a deadly dare-glare disposition. Now overcome Jedi fighters at comic cons and other character get-up carnivals with darkening up your spirits. So feel free to grab one of highly authenticated adults Star Wars costumes and boost up your dark lord side with absolute persona-petrifying legalities.   

Kylo Ren Costume

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Customer Review: Kick ass costume, reasonably priced and accurate costume something you could wear for long. Great fun when combined with the black series voice changer. - Spencer


Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume


                                               Product Page

If you are looking for a Star Wars character that has a neutral role and access to both sides of the Force, then look no further. Kylo Ren is one of the most fascinating characters of the new era of Star Wars spin-off films who has turned his back on to the good side of the Force. You will fall in love with this Kylo Ren costume The Force Awakens cosplay getup in no time.

Luke Skywalker Costume

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Customer Review: I was surprised this was as well made as it was. The fabric is soft and for the chiller night, warm. I’ll be wearing it again next year. - Matt


Star Wars has many rich characters, one of them matches the great Jedi warrior is Luke Skywalker. The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker costume shown here is a nearly exact copy of the one we saw in the movie. The very best selections of adults Star Wars costumes to look more like the Jedi warriors an take your Star Wars cosplay to a higher level.

General Hux Costume

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Customer Review: I ordered the medium and fit comfortably. I’m 5’6 and 150 lbs it fits just right. I have no doubt it would fit someone a couple inches taller and slimmer. It looks like the picture and the quality is good. - Mark

General Hux is another influence in the Star Wars universe. Command the galactic empire with this General Hux costume. It will also make you look unique among classic Adults Star Wars costumes.

Hot Sell Star Wars Costumes

What is the trending of Star Wars costumes? Let’s show you the hot sell Star Wars costumes at ACcosplay and see what are other people wearing to give you more inspiration.


Star Wars Rey Cosplay Costume



Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume



Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Cosplay Costume



Star Wars Princess Leia Cosplay Costume


Where To Get Star Wars Costumes?

So here are all the Star Wars costumes from The Force Awakens. From heroic Jedi knights to flyboy scoundrel smuggles, we have more Star Wars cosplay costumes, available with both adults Star Wars costumes and kids Star Wars costumes you would like here in ACcosplay. What’s more, if you are not only Star Wars fans, you can find other cosplay costumes you love as well. We are also looking forward to hearing from you with better cosplay ideas. May the Force be with you everyone!

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