Influencer Sponsorship/Collaboration

Are you looking for a cosplay sponsorship?
A free set of cosplay at ACcosplay in exchange for featuring our costume on your social media.

What the the requirements for the sponsorship program?
1. You have a certain number of followers, like Instagram at least 10K followers

2. Your posts have certain engagement, like Instagram at least an average of 1K likes

3. You must tag us & mention the cosplay is from us on the post

4. You can provide high-quality photos or videos

Terms & Conditions
We have the right to use your photos, like reposting them on our social media/product page(credit to you).

If your number of followers and engagement does not meet our ideal requirements, but you are able to provide high-quality photos (at least 4 photos that include full-body, side, back, and detail shots) for our website product display, we may also reach a collaboration. 

If you agree with the above requirements and conditions, please send us the following information to Email (Subject: Sponsorship Application x “Your social media account/name”) or fill out the form. The quota is limited every month, we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

Noted: Please include your social link and the costume you want.

Thank you.