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ACcosplay Costume Review

Star Wars Cosplay Costumes: Darth Vader Costume VS Kylo Ren Costume

by ACcosplay Costume 06 Jan 2021

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining franchises. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are two of the Star Wars franchise’s most powerful villains, this caused fans to think: which of them would win in a fight? Darth Vader costume VS Kylo Ren costume, who has cooler Star Wars cosplay costume? Are you curious to know the result? Get ready to see with us and find your ideal cosplay cotume!

Darth Vader Costume VS Kylo Ren Costume

Darth Vader, originally known as Anakin Skywalker, who betrayed the Jedi Order and turned into Darth Vader, hoping to save his wife and future child. He eventually fell deeper and deeper into darkness. Kylo Ren, as Darth Vader’s grandson, went on the path to the dark as well. There is, without question, the comparison between them two. Actually we can find out the answer from Darth Vader costume and Kylo Ren costume. Which of these cool costumes and easy cosplay ideas would you prefer as Star Wars Halloween costumes?  

Darth Vader Cosplay Style 1 VS Kylo Ren Cosplay Style 1


Star Wars Darth Vader Costume
Star Wars Kylo Ren Costume


Both Darth Vader costume and Kylo Ren costume are great for people who want to get evil look. This set of Darth Vader cosplay and Kylo Ren cosplay look similar, black outfit including vest, long sleeve shirt, pants and belt. Nevertheless, Darth Vader costume impressed us with the hooded robe, when you put it on, the full set Darth Vader cosplay make people feel you are mysterious. The essential part of Kylo Ren costume is the cape, it makes Kylo Ren cosplay aggressive. So Darth Vader VS Kylo Ren, who will win? Would you pick Darth Vader costume or Kylo Ren costume? 

Darth Vader Cosplay Style 2 VS Kylo Ren Cosplay Style 2

Star Wars Darth Vader Cosplay Costume


Star Wars Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume


Personally, we think Darth Vader would beat Kylo Ren. We all know that Darth Vader received full training from the Jedi. However, Kylo Ren, never completed the Jedi training. It’s obviously this offered him such an advantage that would beat the opponent in the confrontation with Kylo Ren. What’s more, Darth Vader is better at controlling his emotion to make use of the dark side, but Kylo Ren lacks of the self-discipline to be a good leader. However, whatever the result is, Darth Vader costume and Kylo Ren costume will help you beat other people if you choose any of these cool costumes and easy cosplay ideas to be Star Wars Halloween costumes, or to wear Star Wars costumes at comic con, convention, theme party, etc.

Customer Reviews On ACcosplay Star Wars Cosplay Costumes

It is just as described. It fits well. I bought an XL and it was perfect for my 6'2'' , 250lb kinda chubby frame. A fine product for the price.-Jonathan

 I was worried about purchasing this product because costume online purchases seem to fail often. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this costume of Kylo Ren looked really good. Overall, I recommended this product for the price.-Matthew

Very happy with this costume. Lots of positive comments from other people. The material is thick, and the full effect is perfect! Highly recommend!-Johnny

 How To Get Best Darth Vader Costume Or Kylo Ren Costume?

Is the show Darth Vader Costume VS Kylo Ren Costume excellent? No matter who do you support, you ‘ll get high quality Star Wars cosplay costumes at low price from ACcosplay is a professional online cosplay store where you can find various kind of cosplay ideas, all cosplay costumes you see are great design with best material, exquisite craftsmanship and fine stitching. You’ll have a pleasant shopping experience if you ever give it a try! Wish our Star Wars costumes, adults Star Wars costumes or kids Star Wars costumes could help you get a brand new look in a brand new year!    

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