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Halloween Costumes Ideas

Top 8 Genshin Impact Cosplay From Beautiful Female Characters That Have Popularity

by ACcosplay Costume 19 Feb 2022

There are many cute and fantastic characters in Genshin Impact. Many players and fans want to wear one of the most perfect Genshin impact costumes to participate in the comic con. Today, we have compiled the top 8 Genshin Impact cosplay ideas from beautiful characters for you. Come and have a look.

1. Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact Cosplay

Needless to say, hundreds of netizens have a high opinion of 9-10 for Raiden Shogun costume. The purple hair and purple eyes are indeed charming, and the figure is really sexy. If Raiden Shogun could be made into a Barbie doll, it would definitely be the best sell one in the store.

There are 3 styles of design for you to select.

Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact Cosplay

Raiden Shogun costume description:

First of all, Let's see from the overall color matching, purple is mainly the color of the Raiden Shogun costume because purple represents the Electro element in the Genshin Impact system, and purple is easy to highlight the identity and noble image of the characters.

Secondly, from the point of clothing matching, Raiden Shogun wears hairpins on his head which consist of the fan and fringed parts that can be seen a butterfly fan and fringed hair accessories; On the upper of the costume is the Japanese sleeves in kimono which can also be said to be an improved kimono, and the collar is embellished with lace to create a luxurious feeling. The dark purple part of the waist is the Nagoya belt, and the waist is tied with a three-dimensional and left-right asymmetric belt knot; Purple over-the-knee stockings are paired with thick-soled shoes on the feet, this is more stable and heavy.

Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

2. Zaoyou Genshin Impact Cosplay

The design of the Zaoyou costume refers to the shape of the raccoon dog at the first, and the designer used the same color after consulting the previous tumbler form.

In order to facilitate Zaoyou to perform the ninja mission, its costume is designed to be light and short, with a long tail shape, which can help Zaoyou maintain balance on the branches, and the hood can help Zaoyou camouflage and sneak, which will also make Zaoyou have a sense of security and cute.

Zaoyou Genshin Impact Cosplay

 Click the picture to check for more details

3. Shenli Genshin Impact Cosplay

It is obvious that Shenli Costume refers to the design of Japanese samurai clothing, and adds some feminine features. In order to be beautiful and highlight the theme of the Cryo element, the designer uses blue and purple. The shrunken helmet is been become a crown, and the design of the stand-up collar is likely to be derived from Jinhaori.

Shenli Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

Shenli Costume Description:

There are many flower patterns on the Shenli costume, the dark patterns of snowflakes, the cherry blossoms on the hakama, cuffs, and crowns are representing the Cryo attribute. What is the most eye-catching is the flower on the Shenli armor tied around the waist. The leaf knot is a traditional Japanese knitting method and the front is square and the back is a cross shape.

4. Shenhe Genshin Impact Cosplay

Shenhe is a mortal person. For some reason, she was adopted by Zhenjun. She lives a life of eating fairy grass and drinking fairy dew, which made Shenhe feel comfortable. As a witch with white hair, Her identity has always been mysterious.

Shehe costume design concept is derived from the understanding of the crane's long and black legs. The upper part is consist of white ancient costumes with long sleeves, the rest is made of black one-piece tights. The skin on both sides of the crotch is exposed, The sides of the waist, the lower abdomen, and the thighs are decorated with patterns.

Shenhe Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

5. Hina Genshin Impact Cosplay

Among the invitation tasks of Gorou of Genshin Impact, Miss Hina is very popular.

Miss Xina is actually the female image of Gorou. Players will see this brand in the Gorou task, the designer will create her new skin for you. So Miss Hina is Gorou. After the task completing, it can be seen that Gorou is helpful and likes to answer the questions of those who are in difficulty through letters at Yaedo, but before the letter was sent, Yae Godko secretly changed the sender Gorou to Hina. Without knowing it, Gorou was forced to become Miss Hina and had a lot of fans.

Hina Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

6. Keqing Genshin Impact Cosplay

It was highly praised by everyone since Keqing costume has been on the market.

Keqing Costume Description:

The theme of the dress is blue and black, and the style is gentle and elegant, which well caters to the original intention of the design. A gold thread is rolled on one side along the edge, and the waist and skirt are also decorated with broken gold. The neck ornament is decorated with ribbons to decorate the neck curve, showing elegant temperament; Bow on the waist and skirt yarn embellishment adds a bit of playfulness and cuteness; The black gauze material of the skirt conforms to the theme tune. Compared with the original hair accessories, the cat-eared shape of the neon and fluttering is more natural; the arms are hung with long shawls which is one of the Chinese traditional clothing styles. However, the clothing is darker, so the black legging is made in lightened translucent color.

Keqing Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

The whole suit adopts an asymmetrical design, However, the color and pattern meet the overall design tone of the dress, which is wonderful.

7. Yunjin Genshin Impact Cosplay

In the early original paintings of Yunjin, there were at least 4 designs, Which are referring to the Peking Opera images of female characters such as Mu Guiying and Hua Mulan, after adding Lolita elements, Yunjin new skin was finished.

Yunjin Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

8. Eula Genshin Impact Cosplay

Eula is a very beautiful female character. First of all, from the overall color matching, Eula is decorated with blue and white.

Eula Genshin Impact Cosplay

Click the picture to check for more details

Eula Costume Description:

Eula outfit is a backless outfit, and the cuffs are designed with ruffles. There is a black lace-edged hairband on the tip of her silver-white hair, which is fixed by a metal four-leaf hair accessory on the left side of the head, Wearing a pair of dark blue gloves. The upper body is blue as the main color, outlined in gold, and supplemented by white. At the end of the cape, it is a gradient color, and the blue is continuously deepened. The legs wear high-heeled boots reaching to the thighs, reinforced with black straps on the inside of the legs, and silver spurs on the back of the boots.

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