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12 Best League of Legends Cosplay Help You stand out on Comic Con

by ACcosplay Costume 19 Jan 2022

There are 146 Champions in the gameplay of League of Legends by the time this article was released. The characters in League of Legends range from history to movie, Each hero has its own background story and unknown secrets, and there will definitely be more characters appearing as the story develops in the future. Designers don't design these looks and skins without any basis and origin, But now a part of League of Legends costumes can be turned into reality, Which can't prevent it from favorite costumes for the game and comic fans. Here, we have gathered the 12 best League of Legends Cosplay for your reference, That will help you stand out on Comic Con.

Why League of Legends is so popular:

1. Free To Play

There is no Riot endorsed mechanisms to Play To Win

2. Team Game

You can queue up with friends, Which means you can make it a social outlet for making friends and keeping friends.

3. Unique Design

There is plenty of variety in League: five positional roles, 140 champions, and over 100 items. even experienced players challenged.

4. E-sports Popularity

The e-sports scene has drawn people into at least watching the game, even if they aren’t active players.

Arcane League Of Legends

Arcane League of Legends 

Arcane: League of Legends is a Netflix original animated series that was released in 2021. The whole season is divided into three chapters, each chapter has three episodes of content, adapted from League of Legends. The story background is based on Piltover and Zorn Several characters, including Faye, Genekes, Victor, Jesse, Vander, Hammerdinger, etc. The plot tells that Faye and the other three went to Piltover to rob them, and they got the arcane crystal ball which is a magical energy ball that can change the world, but it involves the millennium grievances between the two major cities by accident, When the war is about to break out, a third-party force suddenly intervenes!

1. Silco League of Legends Cosplay

League of Legends Silco is a character who looks a lot like Jhin, and he has an extremely sinister personality, but whether he is what we guessed, we have to wait for the update of the League of Legends Battle of the Two Cities to find out.

Silco League Of Legends Cosplay

2. Arcane Vi Cosplay

Vi is a Champion in the League of Legends, positioned as an assassin. She is irritable, ferocious, and full of disdain for authority. Vi works with the Piltover Guards to keep the peace. Relying on a pair of giant Hextech gloves in her hand, she is fearless whether it is an iron wall or a psychological defense.

Accosplay has 2 styles of Arcane Vi Cosplay.

Vi League Of Legends Cosplay

Vi League Of Legends Cosplay

3. Caitlyn League of Legends Cosplay

Caitlin is positioned as a shooter. Caitlyn is the marksman hero with the longest initial range, and his most powerful weapon is actually her extraordinary resourcefulness, Her weakness is that the output is relatively weak before the equipment is formed.

Let’s take a look at 2 kinds of Caitlyn League of Legends Cosplay.

Caitlyn League Of Legends Cosplay

Caitlyn League Of Legends Cosplay

4. Viktor League of Legends Cosplay

Victor is the mechanical pioneer in the League of Legends. He is an idealist who seeks human enlightenment and believes that only glorious evolution can realize the full potential of human beings.

Viktor League Of Legends Cosplay

Gwen League of Legends Cosplay

Gwen is a little doll made by a tailor long ago, in an unfortunate accident, Gwen was separated from her beloved owner and sank into the sea. In order to meet the master again, Gwen joined Summoner Rift.

She looks like a curly-haired girl in a Lolita costume, and she was transformed from a doll into a human because she obtained Isolde's soul fragment.

 Gwen League of Legends Cosplay

League of Legends 155th Champion: Lingluo Doll Gwen

Gender: Female

Weapon: Big Scissors

Nickname: Scissors Girl, Lo Niang

Official Positioning: Top-Order AP

Skin: Battle Academy Divine Seamstress


KDA League Of Legends

In 2018, Riot Games created the first virtual girl group in League of Legends, named KDA, consisting of Ali, Akali, Evelyn, and Kaisa. With the song POP STARS released, it directly touched the hearts of countless players! Coupled with the effect of IG winning the championship at that time, the KDA series of skins became the most popular in the same year!

1. Ahri League of Legends Cosplay

Ahri is the team leader and lead singer. This Champion can be said to carry the fantasy of most male players, and she was once voted one of the most beautiful faces in the pop music industry. Ahri cosplay is mainly cute, with two iconic ears and a pure black suit.

Ahri League Of Legends Cosplay

2. Kaisa League of Legends Cosplay

As the dance director of the KDA group, Kaisa, many of the photos put by the official are related to practicing dance. It is worth mentioning that Kaisa likes to cook, and her favorite dish is Mala Fragrant Pot. She is also proficient in Chinese, Dutch, English, and other languages.

Kaisa League Of Legends Cosplay

3. Akali League of Legends Cosplay

Akali is a rapper in the team, and she shows a very strong Japanese style, including ramen and ninjutsu. The Akali family opened a martial arts field, but this was not her choice and destination. The young Akali left home early to start her own career as an artist, Joining the girl group did not make her give up her ninjutsu, She will always be the coolest.

 Akali League Of Legends Cosplay

4. Evenlyn League of Legends Cosplay

Evelyn is also a lead singer, but compared with Ahri, Her style is completely different - a dark one. She has an affair with many male stars. As the most glamorous and sexy person in the KDA Group, Evelyn has a group of ardent followers, and the creative inspiration from soul singer Karthus has put a mystery on her. 

Evelyn League Of Legends Cosplay

Jinx League of Legends Cosplay

Runaway Loli Jinx is a League of Legends Champion in Arcane, positioned as a shooter, She is the first one who has a promotional video in the history of League of Legends.

Jinx is frantic, impulsive and willful, and is born with a love of wreaking havoc recklessly, so no matter where she goes, chaos and turmoil will come as expected, and this is what she left behind.

There are 3 styles of Jinx League of Legends Cosplay.

Style 1:

Jinx League Of Legends Cosplay

Style 2:

Jinx League Of Legends Cosplay

Style 3

Jinx League Of Legends Cosplay

Jinx Wig

Jinx League Of Legends Wig

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