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Christmas Special | 7 Styles Male&Female Christmas Costumes

by ACcosplay Costume 11 Nov 2022

Christmas is a special season of joy and love. After a year full of difficulties and changes, we are more excited about the upcoming festival than ever before, and we believe that you have the same feeling as us. A thick festal atmosphere has been building since last week, especially among cosplay enthusiasts.

Next, we want to introduce a few Christmas costumes. We hope everyone will love them.

1. Christmas Jumper

Christmas Sweatshirt

There is still about a month before Christmas of this year. In Britain, people have entered the "Christmas Mode" early. The first thing they need to do is to welcome Christmas Jumper Day. On this day, you will find that many British people wear jumpers with Christmas design elements. If you study or live in the UK, you will find it will be difficult to integrate without a sweatshirt.

Christmas Sweatshirt

In fact, the history of the British wearing Christmas jumpers can date back to the 20th century. It is similar to the origin of the grid pattern. When going to the sea, fishermen in Scotland will wear distinctive sweaters with geometric patterns to identify where people in distress come from.

Christmas Sweatshirt

Later, in the 1980s, it evolved into the tradition of wearing Christmas jumpers before Christmas in Britain. At that time, famous British TV hosts wore Christmas-themed jumpers in the program, which became a fashion icon in people's minds accidentally.

2. Christmas Santa Suit

Santa Suit

Dressing in Christmas traditional outfit is one of the most popular ways to celebrate the festival. This Sant Suit includes a full jacket and trousers, a hat and gloves, a belt and shoes cover.

3. Christmas Tree Dress

Christmas Tree Dress

whether people are Christian or not, during Christmas, everyone will prepare a Christmas tree to increase the cheerful atmosphere of the holiday. The Christmas tree is usually made with the cedar cypress and evergreen tree, which symbolizes that life exists forever. On the tree is decorating kinds of lamp candles, colored flowers, toys, stars, and hangs up each kind of Christmas present. The green Christmas tree dress costume we recommend to you contains all the features already mentioned.

4. Christmas Chronicles Santa Suit

Christmas Chronicles Santa Suit

In the early 17th century, people would decorate their homes with green plants at Christmas, because people believed that green plants had the magic to resist the cold. Therefore, Santa Claus, who is also believed to have magic, becomes an old man in green clothes. Later, Coca-Cola wanted to use the image of Santa Claus to add joy to its products, so it used the red image of Santa Claus for the first time. With the strong global marketing of Coca-Cola, the later Santa Suit has become the red that everyone likes to hear about now.

5. Mrs. Claus Costume

Mrs. Claus Costume

To be honest, The Christmas Chronicles is a successful movie. With the movie hit, The Christmas Chronicles Santa suit and Mrs. Claus costumes become necessary cosplay costumes for Christmas every year. They are made of wool, and Flannel, which is sufficient for you to spend a warm Christmas.

6. Christmas Lady Costume

Christmas Lady Costume

If you want to stand out from the colorful festival, the red color is the most likely to catch others' eyes. This Christmas Lady Costume is adapted from the Santa suit, simple but sexy. If you don't want to prepare too many complicated clothes, Christmas Lady Costume is the best for you.

7. Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

At Christmas, people will disguise themselves as demons to frighten children and entertain themselves. The Nightmare Before Christmas costume suit is suitable for couples to wear to enjoy Christmas night. Unlike in the past, this year we adopted a Jack suit of the same style for men and women. The upper for women is a long skirt with pockets on the side. If you want to try it, hurry to order it now. Don't forget to use coupons.

Nightmare Before Christmas CostumeNightmare Before Christmas Costume

Christmas not only brings us benefits but also happiness. Currently, wearing an item with Christmas attributes is an extra gift to your life.

Standing at the end of 2022, we must have a bright and charming ending. Christmas costumes should not be overlooked. No matter whether the beginning of Christmas is the company's annual party, friends' gathering, or lovers' dating, don't let others steal the limelight. Only by doing well in the dress can we hold the whole atmosphere.

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