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How To get WandaVision New Scarlet Witch Costume

by ACcosplay Costume 29 Mar 2021

After WandaVision is streaming on Disney+, Scarlet Witch is spotted wearing some super stunning costumes throughout the miniseries, but since WandaVision’s finale, the new Scarlet Witch costume has become fan’s favorite, and many cosplayers are eager to get her new look. In today’s article, you’ll see all the details of the new Scarlet Witch cosplay suit. Keep reading!

Things You Need To Know About New Scarlet Witch Costume


WandaVision New Scarlet Witch Costume


Throughout Wanda’s arc up until WandaVision, the character was given outfits clearly inspired by Scarlet Witch’s comics get-up. As time went on, the costumes evolved, but certain aspects were notably muted or left out altogether. Wanda Halloween costume in episode 6 was the closest Scarlet Witch came to her comic-accurate costume. The new Scarlet Witch costume revealed in episode 9 holds a special tribute to Vision.

WandaVision’s penultimate episode took that up a notch by teasing the final Scarlet Witch costume in Wanda’s vision while being exposed to the Mind Stone. The finale gave Wanda the full Scarlet Witch transformation when facing Agatha as a sign that Olsen’s character finally embraced her identity. The moment of evolution introduced a new costume. Below you’ll see everything clearly about the new Scarlet Witch cosplay. Keep scrolling down!

Details Of New Scarlet Witch Costume


The top is attached with skirt. It’s made out from knitted jacquard fabric, the material and texture fully show high-tech quality. The decoration in the middle of waist is laser cut by fine mold opening.  

The chest shape is quite wide, tighten the waist and run the line, the sense of design is totally demonstrated. The neckline design is the same as in the series, Mind Stone shape. We all know that it is in memory of Vision, and we carefully notice it.

The lower body with hen design layering looks elegant. Constructed of hollow leather, fine craftsmanship, nice cutting, neat trace.

The back has a smooth zipper, easy to wear and take off and makes the costume snug.  


The pants fabric is mainly spandex and leather. It has a soft and subtle finishing that perfectly hugs your body, displays your curves and makes you embrace your body shape, and feels super comfortable against the skin. The pants will not lose durability and flexibility with the times you wear it or wash it.


One of the most important attire of Wanda Maximoff costume is Wanda gloves. These gloves are made of high quality and comfortable spandex material and have soft inner fabric. They are stretchy and soft, the free size is easy for you to put on and ensures a fitted wear.


As an avenger, the cape is a must-have piece to look powerful. This cape consists of polyester and gives a super silky look. The length is utilized according to your height. You can tie up the cape with a drawstring closure and adjust it accordingly.


Grab on to this headpiece to feel like a super heroine. It’s handmade with leather, comes in the exact same shape as the one worn in the show. This would give you the ultimate Scarlet Witch look for the day.


These extraordinary shoes are exactly what you need to complete your WandaVision Scarlet Witch costume. The boots are made up of composite leather, lightweight and perfect match to go along with the Scarlet Witch costume.  

Where To Buy New Scarlet Witch Costume?

Fans are crazy about this new Scarlet Witch costume when they watch the finale, and now this Scarlet Witch cosplay is available from Easter is around the corner, do you want to look unique on the party? Then just take it and you’ll get the glory. If you need more WandaVision costume, you’ll find out on ACcosplay as well. What’s more, attention everyone! ACcosplay is running Easter Day Big Sale, the perfect chance to save money on your cosplay costumes. Have a look!

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