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Halloween Costumes Ideas

9 Best Wednesday Addams Costume Ideas Make Your Party Special

by ACcosplay Costume 13 Jan 2023

Did you see Live-action Drama Wednesday? Except for the fascinating strange plots, High level fashionable Wednesday Addams costume makes people hard to resist the dark trend. Colleen Atwood, who won the Oscar for Best Fashion Design four times, was specially invited as the costume director of this episode. Under her design and guidance, not only the Gothic style was changed the exaggerated and unconventional stereotype, but also present many Miu Classic elements of high-end fashion brands such as Miu, Prada and Gucci.

Do you have any inspiration for this year party? Look at these eye-catching Wednesday Addams costumes, We believe you will be attracted immediately!

Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams Costume

1. Wednesday Addams Uniform

Special Wednesday Addams black and gray striped uniform is inspired by the British school uniform, but some modern styles are added to it. The design of stripes makes the school uniform look more dramatic. The Peter Pan collar with a shirt inside looks more playful than the traditional shirt collar. The elongated skirt makes the shape more religious.

Wednesday Addams Uniform

2. Wednesday Dance Dress

Is there anything cooler than wearing Wednesday dance dress with smoked makeup and dancing the most bizarre dance at the school dance Party? Look carefully, Wednesday dance dress incorporates classic goth staples, while weaving in luxe lace and velvet fabrics and feminine details that show by tulle, ruffles, and high-neck blouses to create an unexpectedly stylish aesthetic. Similar shapes often appear on Halloween cosplay of European and American stars, why not try?

Wednesday Dance Dress

3. Wednesday Black Dress

Uniform style, black long sleeved dress, exaggerated white pilgrim collar and double fried dough twist braids, this is the classic Wednesday Addams style.

 Wednesday Black Dress

Wednesday black dress from 1991 film versionThe Family Addams

Wednesday Black Dress

Wednesday Black Dress

4. Wednesday Cat Suit

Wednesday Cat suit appears on Wednesday episode 2 when leading character Wednesday Addams joins Nevermore's annual Poe Cup race, The designer used for reference to the Edward Scissorhands-like nature of the costume and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman ears from Batman Returns. It is said that Wednesday Cat suit is one of the most favorite costumes for the actor.

 Wednesday Cat Suit

Nevermore Academy School Uniform

The uniforms of other supporting role from Nevermore Academy also add different fashion elements according to the personality of each character on the basis of stripes.

Nevermore Academy School Uniform

5. Eugene Otinger Costume

Nevermore Academy Uniform

6. Enid Sinclair Costume

Nevermore Academy School Uniform

6. Xavier Thorpe Costume

 Nevermore Academy Uniform

The Addams Family Costume

The Addams Family costumes have been inspired all around the world around since the 1991 film release, the actors who portrayed each character just so perfectly fit the roles.

The Addams Family

8. Morticia Addams Costume

In the Adams family, her mother, Morticia Addams, always wore a black tight-fitting fishtail skirt with elegant and dignified manners. A deep v-neck cut emphasizes the long neck, a long flare sleeve and a tight gown cinched at the bottom forming a squid-like shape. Morticia Addams classic costume has left a long-lasting impression on the fans, and We believe her look could serve as a last-minute Halloween costume.

Morticia Addams Costume

9. Gomez Addams Costume

Gomez Addams in a man of style and always commands attention. A striped suit is his first choice when attending formal occasions such as the charity auction or the school play. This particular Gomez Addams Costume is the epitomy of Gomez’s flamboyant personality, The stripes are a mixture of grey and purple, elegant and handsome, which fits right in with the Halloween image.

Wear this striped suit and you will look rich.

 Gomez Addams Costume

 Which Wednesday Addams costume idea you are looking for?

Wednesday Addams, Marticia, and Gomez–no matter which costume idea you are looking for, we have stocked all of them in the Wednesday Addams category. Wednesday Addams costume ideas give limitless options for you and your family to have the best party ever.

For more Wednesday Addams Costumes, browse our, where you will find a wide variety of outfits to put on for the next party.

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