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What does Starfleet wear? Best Star Trek Uniform Guide

by ACcosplay Costume 15 Dec 2022

Since the release of Star Trek in the 1960s, Star Trek uniforms have been widely welcomed by movie fans and cosplayers. Next, let's take a look at some Star Trek uniforms.

1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Uniform

In my opinion, Deep Space Nice is the most advanced one in the whole Star Trek series, and the uniform of this series has become one of the most popular Star Trek uniforms. Star Trek Deep Space Nine uniforms were darker and more utilitarian. These uniforms consist of coat, pants, and shirts, with the color on the shoulder representing their identity, red is for command, gold is for operations, and blue is for sciences. The Starfleet delta symbol was slightly updated later, Star Trek: Voyager would use this uniform for its entire seven-year run.

B'Elanna Torres Uniform

B'Elanna Torres Costume

Starfleet Uniform

Starfleet Uniform

2. Star Trek Discovery Commander Uniform

Star Trek Discovery Commander blue uniform is different from what came before and what would follow, Discovery all-blue uniforms featured a jacket and pants with striping down the sides, as well as chunky black boots. The striping on the shoulders indicated divisions - gold for command, silver for sciences, copper for operations - and the Starfleet badge worn on the right breast featured both a division symbol and rank pips.

Discovery Commander Uniform

Discovery Commander Uniform

3. Star Trek the Original Series Uniform

The uniforms are divided into three colors: yellow, blue, and red. Yellow uniforms represent strategic, such as captain, navigator, and coxswain; The blue dress belongs to science/medicine, such as science officer, medical officer, and nurse; The red uniform resides to engineering and safety, such as the chief engineer, and communication officer.

 Female Duty Uniform Yellow Dress

Female Duty Uniform

Female Duty Uniform Red Dress

Female Duty Uniform

4. Star Trek Wrath of Khan Uniform

One of the longest-lived uniforms in Starfleet history is Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. These uniforms include a red jacket, a white long-sleeved turtleneck, and black pants with red piping. It also featured the now-iconic Starfleet insignia on the left breast, as well as the new rank insignia on the right shoulder.

Wrath Of Khan Uniform

Wrath Of Khan Uniform

5.Star Trek: The Next Generation

During seasons 3-7, Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform left the tight bodysuit look, and adopt raised collars and solid black belts added to the look. The rank insignia was attached to the collar, and the shoulder piping was removed. 

The Next Generation Uniform

The Next Generation Uniform

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