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Halloween Costumes Ideas

6 Best Encanto Costumes from New Disney Movie Guide |

by ACcosplay Costume 13 Jan 2022

Disney's newest movie Encanto has some stunning character designs. If a girl s so inspired by the character Mirable from Encanto, that she wants to cosplay as her, that isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. It’s a compliment towards that character and the movie. ACcosplay has some Encanto Costumes guide to cosplaying them!

Encanto Costumes


The story revolves around the Madrigal family who live in a magical place called Encanto. Everyone but Abuela, Mirabel, and the brothers-in-law have unique magical powers (though everyone is curious about why Mirabel didn’t get one). When the family’s magic starts waning, Mirabel has to find out why that’s happening because their town relies on the family’s magical assistance in many areas of life. The story flows very smoothly, making the hour and a half runtime fly by. It’s extremely charming and I think it’s kinda like Frozen and Tangled in the sense that both adults and children can watch it and get the same amount of enjoyment out of it.


This adventure not only gives us incredible songs and a powerful story, but also a slew of characters to cosplay as with bright and vibrant costumes to create. Do you have a characater you want to play? Here's some tips to cosplaying each of these extraordinary characters. Hope you can get inspiration from it!


Let’s start!!!


Mirable Costumes

Guests visiting Disney’s California Adventure can meet Disney’s newest heroine, Mirabel, from Encanto, the newest movie from Walt Disney Studios.


Mirabel is the signature character of the movie and has one of the more intricate outfits to recreate. Her embroidered peasant blouse and tiered skirt can be created many ways from full embroidery to hand painted designs


ACcosplay has three styles of Mirabel for adults and one style of Mirabel dress for kids, you can buy the right Mirabel Encanto outfits according to your hobbies and budget, any outfit will make you stunning enough to be eye-catching at Disney parties, Let's take a look at the specific details together


Mirabel Costume Adult

1.  Style 1


Encanto Mirable Costumes


Size: US female size.

Character: Mirabel

Fabric: Roumini, polyester cotton, uniform cloth

Including: T-shirt, skirt, bag, glasses, earrings, brooch

Suitable for princess Halloween Christmas cosplay costume or theme party

More details:

Mirable Costumes for Adults


2.  Style 2

Encanto Mirabel Costumes


Character: Mirabel

Fabric: Roumeni, plush material, mercerized lining

Including: T-shirt, skirt, bag, glasses, earrings, brooch

Encanto Cosplay Mirabel Madrigal Costume

I personally prefer this one, although the most expensive, but the fabric and accessories are my favorite style.

3. Style 3

Encanto Mirabel Fress

If you don’t have enough budget,this style is very suit you to purchase,not only the price is cheap,but also the design is not very different from the other styles.

Encanto Mirabel Dress

Mirabel Dress for Girls

If you want to go to a Disney party, why not take your daughter along? Buying together also offers a 10% discount,why not? Special offer you can check our ACcosplay coupon code page to help you to save money.


Mirabel Dress for Girls

Size Guide: US Kids size, please check our size chart carefully

Characters:  Mirabel Dress

Category: Encanto Costumes

Material:  Polyester,Cotton

Package Includes:  Dress,Bag(Need to extra option)

Occasion: Perfect for Halloween costume, Dressing-up, Roleplay Party, Kids.


Colorful apparel allows fans to show their own magical side, including a kids’ Dolores dress with a colorful all-over print, Mirabel dress, with cosplay wig and glass, and the Isabella Dress Kids with embroidered flowers, All Encanto Costumes are available now at accosplay. Now placed an order before 18th,we can guarantee the costumes will be shipped before Chinese New Year.

Isabela Costumes Dress 


Isabela, Mirabel’s sister, Similarly, we also have adult and children's styles for Isabela dress.has an outfit that screams princess ruffles. Her sleeves and ruffles are made from a sheer dotted fabric which is then layered on top of a solid lavender fabric.In this way can be sewn onto the fabric for a more textural look.


Isabela Costumes for Adults

Size Guide: US Women & Kids size, please check our size chart carefully

Characters:  Isabela Madrigal Dress

Category: Encanto Costumes

Material:  Satin,Chiffon

Package Includes:  Dress

Occasion: Perfect for Halloween costume, Dressing-up, Roleplay Party, Kids, and Women are available.

Isabela Dress for Girls

Encanto Isabella Dress Girls

Fabric: Soft Clothes, Satin

Including: Only Dress

The price is just only $49.99


Hardworking and strong Luisa has become a fan favorite character for many people and her look is the easiest of the sisters to create. Unfortunately, we are currently only ready to make a simple version for kids.

Luisa Costumes

Kids Verson

Luisa Cosplay Encanto


Like her mother, Alma, Pepa has a tendency for things to be perfect, but does not strive on perfection too much like her mother does.If you want to cosplay Pepa encanto,or love organge dress,you can try to Pepa dress. This will be the best New Year gift for your daughter


Pepa Encanto Dress

Here is the details for you to check:

Fabric:  Cotton

Including:  Dress, Bag

Hand wash preferred, not recommend machine wash

An amazing Present for Girls, Kids, Daughters, Granddaughter, Niece

Suitable for princess Halloween Christmas cosplay costume or Encanto costumes theme party, if you want to buy Encanto dress for girls or Encanto Costumes, ACcosplay is the best place to purchase with fast shipping.

If you want to customize the cosplay costume, please send the details to


Dolores Cosplay Encanto

Dolores Madrigal is a supporting character who appears in Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto.  she was gifted with enhanced hearing.This Kids Encanto Dolores Cosplay Costume is made of comfortable 3D printed polyester fabric and cotton fabric. Well made and beautiful design. It is a good choice for Encanto fans or as a gift.

Encanto Dolores Dress


Camillo Encanto Cosplay

Camillo cosplay outfit is bright and meant to draw the eye in his direction. Since his costume is simple, you’ll want to put a lot of focus on the poncho he wears. Look for a woven fabric with some texture that will still be easy enough to paint on with fabric paint. Currently we have no production yet, and feel free to contact us if you are interested or Comments below to tell your ideas.


All the Encanto cosplay outfits are inspired by the Disney movie Encanto, and hopefully this complete guides can help you have the perfect party in the New Year. Enjoy!

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