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What does Star Wars the Imperial Officer Wear?

by ACcosplay Costume 06 Jul 2023

The Imperial officer uniforms are formal standard gowns worn by military officers of the Galactic Empire. The color of the uniform varies depending on the individual's military branch affiliation. Rank insignia plaques and Imperial code cylinders on Officer uniforms indicate their rank. The Imperial officer uniforms evolved directly from those of Galactic Republic officers.

The Galactic Empire integrated several large organizations into the Imperial military institutions and implemented a set of coded Imperial uniforms to identify personal affiliations. The color of Imperial Army and Navy uniforms are dark black, senior officers commonly wear olive green, and junior officer uniform is light gray, Non-commissioned officers, including commissioned officers, military technical personnel, wear lightweight black duty uniforms without belts.

The Imperial officer uniform overall includes a command hat, a high collar top, loose pants, paired with standard black gloves, a leather belt coming with a holster, and a pair of long boots, the entire uniform presents a smooth and straight-fitting feeling.

 Imperial Officer Uniform

Costume: Imperial officer uniform

User: Imperial Officer

Color: Oliver Green






Ornament: Military Rank Symbol Cloth Sticker

Team: Galactic Empire

           Dark Empire

           Light Empire

1. Imperial Officer Uniform White Version

 Imperial Military Uniform White

2. Imperial Officer Uniform Grand Admiral Thrawn

There are higher-ranking Imperials that exist throughout Star Wars, Grand Admiral Thrawn achieved one of the highest ranks in the Imperial Navy, his badge shows three blue and three yellow tiles on the top row and three blue and three red tiles below it.

 Grand Admiral Uniform

3. Imperial Officer Uniform Olive Green Version

 Imperial Military Uniform Green

4. Imperial Officer Uniform Dark Green Version

We can see in the movie Star Wars, Grand Moff Tarkin, General Motti, and General Cassio Tagge, all wear dark green tunics with matching trousers and tall black boots.

 Imperial Officer Uniform Dark Green

5. Imperial Officer Uniform Black Version

Imperial Officer Uniform Black

6. Imperial Inquisitors Uniform

The Imperial Inquisitors were created for Star Wars Rebels. Each of the various Inquisitors feature their own costumes, but there are some general similarities between them: they’re clad in black, are generally masked, and wield red lightsabers.

The Seventh Sister appears in Star Wars: Rebels, and features a similar uniform: she has a black, pointed helmet, a form-fitting jacket with red detailing, armor that covers her chest and back, bracers, black and red gloves, a belt, black pants, and leather boot.

 Imperial Inquisitors Uniform

How do these Imperial Officer uniforms look?  Find out more starting on the star wars series cosplay costume at the site from

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