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Halloween Costumes Ideas

How to Dress Up as Willy Wonka?

by ACcosplay Costume 22 Jan 2024

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story has had bright laughter and joy since its release in 1971.  and the costume in the role caught fans' favorites with the version updated over the years.

Willy Wonka is the nostalgic choice for themed parties, and we know many people want to dress up as the funny characters from Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. In this blog, we will unwrap the charm of Willy Wonka costumes with you, learn the Willy Wonka cosplay guide, you can easily get a Willy Wonka look.

Willy Wonka Costume

 1. 2005 Willy Wonka Costume

Willy Wonka costume was designed by Italian fashion designer Gabriela Pescasi, the most classic one is the red coat suit shown on the poster. The Overlook of wonka is based on the rock star feeling of the 1970s.

To dress up as Willy Wonka, you need to get the following items:

  • A velvet burgundy jacket,
  • A colorful shirt
  • dark blue vest
  • black trousers
  • A black leather hat
  • black leather shoes

 Willy Wonka Costume

You can also get a walking stick and purple gloves to complete the look, when the party starts, we believe you will stand out.

 Willy Wonka Costume

 2. Oompa Loompa Costume

The Oompa-Loompas were the workers at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, they were only knee-high and had green hair. in Wonka 2023, Oompa-Loompas dressed in a modern strip suit. The image of their industrious and bravery impresses the movie fans.

Oompa Loompa Costume will be a fun and creative choice, you are sure to be special at parties or events if you dress like him. All you need to finish off your Oompa Loompa costume is as below.

  • A green curly hair
  • Navy hat and colorful kerchief
  • White shirt with gold buttons
  • Grey breeches with a brown belt
  • Purple stripe suit coat
  • Navy stripe long socks
  • Elf shoes with a purple pom on the top of each

 Oompa Loompa Costume

3. 2023 Willy Wonka Costume

Willy Wonka's personality is eccentric, and her wardrobe is colorful like his chocolate factory. In dramas, designers usually use the colors of clothing to highlight the character's personality, while absurd characters need to wear costumes with chaotic colors to express unique aspects. so as you can see, Willy Wonka usually wears a dark color velvet coat and interiors with multiple colors.

 Willy Wonka Costume

If you have some related items in your wardrobe, then you can obtain Willy Wonka outfit.

  • Brown top hat and walking stick
  • Burgundy velvet coat with embroider
  • A brown vest and A vest with the blue and yellow unique pattern
  • A shirt with blue pinstriped
  • Trousers with yellow stripe
  • colorful patterned scarf
  • Brown leather shoes

 Willy Wonka Costume

Willy Wonka is a beloved movie character that people of all ages enjoy, selecting a Willy Wonka costume is definitely a great choice for Halloween or other dress-up occasions. To dress up as Willy Wonka, you need to determine which version you like best, then you can buy some clothing items at vintage stores. The Willy Wonka costume is British retro, we believe you could collect all the costumes soon. of course, you can also buy the whole outfit at the professional cosplay costume store.

Where to buy a Willy Wonka costume?

If you are looking for the best Willy Wonka costume, can be your first choice, we supply a range of sizes and styles of Willy Wonka costume, and you can get the version according to your personal style and preferences. We can ensure high quality and good service, if you have any questions, you can contact us online or send us an email.

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