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Halloween Costumes Ideas

2024 Hot Trend-10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas Will Be Still Popular

by ACcosplay Costume 30 Jan 2024

Hey guys! It is new year, and you are bound to brew up some pop costume ideas for the coming parties or any conventions. Having a bland costume dressed up before, it is time to wear unique costumes this year. From the hot movies to recoginized TV drama, we collect some best 2024 Halloween costume ideas for you to earn accolades and envious glances.

What is the trend in Halloween in 2024?

This year, we focused on clothing with good design from the in-screen characters that are people's favorites, here are the best 2024 Halloween costumes, all are enough for you to celebrate several festivities.

  • Barbie Costume
  • Willy Wonka Costume
  • The Link of Zelda Costume
  • Resident Evil Remake Costume
  • Street Feet Costume
  • Joker 2 Costume
  • Loki Season 2 Costume
  • Catwoman Costume
  • Beetlejuice Costume
  • New Doctor Who Costume

1. Barbie Costume

Want to dress up as your favorite character from Barbie? Barbie pink trend impressed fans' fashion recognition again ever since the new Barbie movie came out, We can imagine that this pink trend will remain this year. Planning a giant party with a pink-themed party, this Barbie costume is totally doable, and the accessories are easy to find out. if you are looking for other Barbie suits, you can get into our website at to pick up more styles.

 Weird Doll Dress

 2. Willy Wonka Costume

Are you a fan of Willy Wonka? Transforming yourself into this iconic character is a magical experience for Halloween. Here what we recommend is the 2023 Willy Wonka costume version. The inspiration for Wonka coat and the top hat is likely to be from the magician dressing, and the waistcoat is decorated with complex patterns and various colors, his beige striped trousers are rolled to the calves, and the striped high socks were hidden under his brown boots. compared to the previous one, Wonka scarf was designed to be silk style with stars pattern.

 Willy Wonka Costume

 3. The Link Of Zelda Costume

Zelda costumes, as gaming-themed Halloween costumes, impressed the players. Whether for the comic exhibition or a festival parade, you cannot go wrong with one of these Zelda costumes.

Here, we mainly recommend you choose the Link Amor set, it is very unique, compared to the normal Link costume or Zelda princess suit. The design inspiration of the set seems to be from The King of the Wild, Link wears a fox elbow hat attached to a headwear with an owl pattern, and the look shows that he is off to go on an epic adventure.

 Link Amor set

 4. Resident Evil Remake Costume

If you are a fan of the game, Resident Evil, you will be familiar with the mysterious character in the game, We know many people are interested in the beautiful and sexy femme fatale Ada Wong. From spin-offs to movies, her outfit is always changing and the style of Ada Wong costumes is more fashionable and daily. Here is Ada Wong iconic dress for Resident Evil 4 remake, She wears a red qipao imprinted with golden butterflies and the side has a long slit up, black high heels show her leg longer.

 Ada Wong Dress

 5. Street Fighter Costume

Street Fighter is a hot game, and the character who was one of the most discussed topics with fans is Cammy. this year, Cammy was updated with a new outfit, that is Cammy civilian outfit, and her trousers look like to dressed for combat. To create the best game costume, dressing like Cammy will be the best way to celebrate the Halloween party.

Street Fighter Costume

6. Joker 2 Costume

Joker is a popular comic character, it is said that the movie Joker 2 will be released in Oct 2024, so the Joker costume will return to fan's hearts. There are quite a few versions of the Joker, but Harley Quinn played by Lady Gaga will give a new look. To get a Harley Quinn look, you need to get makeup, gold wigs, a Harley Quinn suit, a pair of black heels. Harley Quinn costume is meant to make a skin crawl, don't forget to leave a deceptively happy smile, then you are sure to get other's attention when you show up on Halloween.

 Joker 2 Costume

 7. Loki Season 2 Costume

Loki is named the God of Mischief and he is a popular character at Halloween or themed parties, in the new season 2, the style of Loki costume is getting more formal. When you are ready to transform into Loki from Loki season 2 for Halloween, Be sure to gather your friends to dress as other characters. What to prepare for your Loki costume is long black hair that resembles Loki's signature hairstyle, Loki cloak suit, Loki Horn, and step into a pair of black shoes to complete the whole look.

 Loki Halloween Costume

 8. Catwoman Costume

Catwoman costume is the most popular bodysuit by now, it is a great choice for Halloween. Here what we recommend to you is the one worn by Anne Hathaway in 2023 Batman The Dark Knight Rises, catwoman costume is made of PU leather, and it includes a black bodysuit, a belt, gloves, and long boots. Wearing cat-eye sunglasses, you will get a complete Catwoman look.

 Catwoman Costume

if you want to transform yourself into sexy and charming and show your perfect body, why not get our Catwoman costume?

 9. Beetlejuice costume

Lydia Deets is one of the main characters of the movie Beetlejuice, her costume is perfect for Halloween or a horror themed costume party.

Lydia Beetlejuice costume includes a red wedding dress, red gloves, and black heeled boots. to complete the cosplay, you can wear a black wig, and makeup with peach eye shadow on your face. of course, you can pick up a living dead doll that she always carries in the movie.

 Lydia Deetz Costume

 10. New Doctor Who Costume

Doctor Who series costume is classic themed for Halloween, everyone will be crazy about it. Recently Doctor Who 60th anniversary special was released, and the new character, Toymaker was sought by many fans, he wears an entirely different outfit, including a checked vest, a white shirt, brown trousers, and a red bow tie.

 Doctor Who Costume

If you dress up as a Toymaker this Halloween night, you will make a hit.

Are you ready for the 2024 party? wearing a best 2024 Halloween costume to show your personality, step into the spotlight, and you will leave an unforgettable impression to everyone.

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