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Halloween Costumes Ideas

8 Great Couples Halloween Costumes For You And Darling

by ACcosplay Costume 19 Aug 2021

Have you decided which costume will you wear for Halloween coming? Think about your spouse, someone important for you, your partner who has trouble in selecting matching Halloween costumes 2021. why not dress up yourself as a character that you love in the form of the greatest couples Halloween costumes, corporate with one of them? Halloween is a good opportunity that everyone can do anything they want, like partying, relaxing, dancing with the one who dresses in all kinds of cosplay costumes. what's more, excisting Halloween costumes also bring about fresh and good favors to others.

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1. Prince and Princess cosplay costumes from Beauty and The Beast
Princess cosplay


Prince Adam Cosplay

Prince and princess are the classic characters in western fairy tales and film, Of course, thier cosplay costumes in movie will be the most popular couples halloween costumes. You won’t miss the oppotunity to be attractive for most people at October 31st.

 Princess Belle: yellow Dress

 Prince Adam: Shirt, vest, jacket, trousers, scarf, bow tie.

2. Jocker and Harley Quinn cosplay costumes from Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn cosplay
Jocker Cosplay

Harley Quinn who played by Margot Robbie, is the highlight of the movie. She was originally a therapist in the Arkham Asylum. But she fell in love with the clown in the process of treating the clown. Under the clown’s persuasion, she jumped into the chemical pool. Since then, they have lived a crazy life together.

Jared Leto who plays Joker is handsome and elegant., The hidden madness under Sven bursts out even more frightening, evil charm and Margot Robbie Harley Quinn, who plays the role of dangerous and sexy, complements each other, and they should be ranked in the top few of the most glamorous screen couples.

Selecting couples halloween costumes is not difficult, but Harley Quinn cosplay costumes can bring you evil.

Harley Quinn: vest, pants, gloves, neck accessories, belt x2, goggles, boots

Joker: Coat, Suits,Vest,Shirt,Tie,Pants,Gloves, chains, mask.

3. Kick-Ass 2 cosplay costumes

Hit Girl Mindy Cosplay


Dave Lizewski Green Jumpsuit

This film tells about a young teenager Dave Lezosky with a bland life, who aspires to become a real superhero, and he named herself King Man, Without superpowers, He successfully rescued passers-by and wasposted to Youtube. He became famous, but it also brought him a greater crisis.

Accosplay offer movie cosplay costumes for Kids adult, And we also support costumization.

Hit Girl Mindy: coat,pants,cape,dress,Gaiters,Knee pads.

Dave Lizewski: Only Jumpsuit

4. Jack and sally cosplay costumesThe Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

The protagonist Jack has a beautiful desire to bring joy to people, but his monsters can only produce all kinds of scary toys, and finally he found a confidant who understands him in the process of saving his fault. ——Miss doll Sally.

The author’s imagination is witty and vivid, and he describes to the audience such a picture: the doorbell screaming, the elegant poisonous spider bow tie, the annual blood-sucking contest, the cello with the human head...

What are you waiting for, put on one of Halloween couples costumes, and make trouble in the town like the Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

Jack: Coat, pants, tie

5. Ella Princess and Prince cosplay costumes from Cinderella

Cinderella Ella Party Dress

No matter where you are, in the western or estern, the story of Cinderella can always attract many audiences.

In this fairy tale, there are the most beautiful fantasy of men and women. From the perspective of the prince as the representative, he found a true girl who was beautiful from the inside to the outside, and stood on the pinnacle of supreme power. From the female perspective of Cinderella, she got the glory of vanity that a woman dreams of most.

I hope you can meet beautiful love story in Cinderella cosplay costumes, and meet your prince charming.

Ella: Blue dress

6. Padme and Anakin cosplay costumes from Star Wars

Star Wars Padme Amidala Costume
Anakin Skywalker Cosplay

Star Wars tells our audience several cross-racial love stories. Anakin and Padmé can be said to be a super sweet couple on the screen. The addition of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy has enriched the entire Star Wars world, and the love between the main characters Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala has also attracted the attention of a large number of fans.

Beautiful love can motivate yourself to become a better person, and hope that that person is by your side.Let your darling in Star Wars cosplay costumed and act as the best couple on Halloween night.

Padme: Armbands + Bag + Belt + Knife Sleeve + Knit Top + Leglet + Pants

Anakin: Inner Tunic+ Outer Tunic + Tabard+ Belt+ Pants+ Robe

7. Claire and Leon cosplay costumes from Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Claire Redfield Costume
Leon S Kennedy Costumes

Claire and Leo are arguably the coolest pair of on-screen couples. They break through levels together and gain love. The dressing styles of the characters in the play follow the retro route, and many adventurers will dress like that. people who have never watched the movie or play the game will also be attracted by the promotional posters.

Playing as one of them on Halloween night is definitely the way to go. In case you are not a fan of the game, I believe you can also play Claire in your daily life.

Claire: Shirt, Jacket,Pants, Shoes, Belt

Leon: Shirt,Coat,Pants,Shoes.Wigs If you choose shoes,please leave your shoes size

8. Strife and Aerith cosplay costumes from Final Fantasy

Best Aerith Cosplay
Strife Cosplay

 Cloud Strife is Aerith's bodyguard, an important person, and feels self-blame for Aerith's death. His personality is a bit introverted and inferior, and he is not very talkative. In the game plot, he was once dressed as a woman, making others mistakenly believe that he is a girl, which shows that he is a beautiful man with exquisite facial features.

Or, if possible, you can switch it up, you can even swap the genders,female cosplay as Aerith and a male put on Aerith cosplay costumes.

Aerith: Tops, dress, necklace, hair clip


Where to get couple Halloween Costumes 2021?

No matter which couples Halloween costume you choose, you will shine on Halloween 2021. These are some of the all couples Halloween costumes, but the 8 twosomes won't stop you to inspire your creativity.

If you and your darling other are looking for great couples Halloween costumes, or you have another character from film or TV, please contact us at any time, Accosplay support customized and we can give you a special offer.

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