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4 Eternals Costumes for You to Choose | ACcosplay Costumes

by ACcosplay Costume 19 Nov 2021

With the release of Eternals movies on 5th,Nov, Eternal costumes have always attracted the attention of Marvel fans. This is also the purpose of writing this article today. We will show you the details of the costumes of specific characters. Are you looking forward to it?

Eternals Costumes

Eternals follows a group of heroes from beyond the stars who had protected the Earth since the dawn of man. When monstrous creatures called the Deviants, long thought lost to history, mysteriously return, the Eternals are forced to reunite in order to defend humanity once again.

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Now we are coming to the subject, these images are of extremely high resolution, allowing you to see every single detail of the brand-new costumes

1. Eternals Sersi Costume

Sersi ,with her transmutational abilities.  As a member of the Eternals, a race of superhumans. 

Eternals Serisi Costumes

Here is our Eternals Sersi Costumes details
  • Size Guide: US women size, please pick your normal size
  • Characters: Sersi
  • Category:Eternals Costumes
  • Material: Roman cloth, composite leather
  • Package  Jumpsuit,Pauldrons


    2.    Eternals Lkaris Costumes

    Lkaris, a versatile, Superman-type figure prominently as centuries-old.

    Eternals Lkaris Costumes

    Here is our Ikaris Costumes from Eternals.

    • Size: US Size
    • Fabric: Roman cloth, composite leather, b4 sponge
    • Including: Jumpsuit, belt
    • Category:  Eternals Cosplay Costumes
    • Character: Ikaris
    • The Eternals Ikaris Cosplay Costumes is online,perfect for Halloween and Cosplay Party.

      The ornate outfits and weapons shown in Eternals, there is an undeniable connection to their outfits that convey an ancient celestial language. Even when they don't speak, their outfits will forever tell a story.

      3.   Eternal Ajak Costumes

      In Eternals, Ajak, the spiritual leader of the Eternals, who has aided the advancement of human civilisation and can communicate with Celestials.

      Eternal Ajak Costumes

      Here is the Ajack costumes details:

      • Size Guide: US Women size, please check our size chart carefully
      • Characters:  Ajak 
      • Category: Eternals Costumes
      • Material:  Composite leather,Roman cloth, Leather
      • Package Includes: Top,Pants,Headwear, bracers, shoulder armor

        4. Eternals Thena Costumes

        Thena is a member of the Eternals, a genetically superior offshoot race of humanity who possess abilities such as levitation and immortality.

        Eternals Thena Costumes

        Here is our design of Thena Costumes

        • Fabric: Roman cloth, stretch chiffon, composite leather
        • Including: Jumpsuits, Belt, Bracer, Headwear, Gloves,shoes
        • Category: Eternals Costume
        • Character: Thena
        • Brand new and high quality material and exquisite handmade craft
        • The Eternals Thena Cosplay Costume Suits Uniform is online,ACcosplay offer good-looking Thena Cosplay Costume for you cosplayers or movie lovers,perfect for Halloween,them Parties.
        • Any questions, feel free to contact us. We offer the best customer service for you.

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          “And the story spans thousands of years. So it’s really not like any of the other Marvel movies.” Thank you for visiting ACcosplay,do you like our Eternals cosplay costumes? Comments below your ideas or tell me which costumes do you want,we accept customized size.


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