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What to wear for the 2024 Star Trek Convention?

by ACcosplay Costume 10 May 2024

The Star Trek 50th anniversary convention in Las Vegas is coming soon, Many Star Trek fans are excited about this kind of worldwide celebration. For a senior fan of Star Trek, you must want to wear the best Star Trek uniform to represent your Starfleet Division at this convention. Whether you have attended the convention before or not, updating the Star Trek uniform and dressing up as a new character will give you a unique experience.

Are you ready for this journey? Prepping for a convention a month ahead of time will save you loads of aggravation. Next, we list a guide of the best Star Trek uniforms you may want to think about buying, we want to help you complete the Starfleet look.

Star Trek Uniform

What do the uniform colors mean in star trek?

We know that there is blue, red, and gold with each series of Star Trek uniforms, each color represents a different department, Yellow or green notes command and helm, blue stands for medical and science, and red is for security and engineering.

1. Star Trek Strange New Worlds Uniform

Star Trek Strange New Worlds bring a new uniform design that draws upon the classic Star Trek uniform. Uniforms for male officers are largely the same, and each division has a special print on the wrists, which looks more modern. With the Star Trek Strange New Worlds, you will look more charming.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Uniform
Star Trek Strange New Worlds Uniform
Star Trek Strange New Worlds Uniform

2. Star Trek Starflleet Uniform

Starfleet introduced a new standard duty uniform, the new Starfleet uniform was a loose-fitting, two-piece black suit with a division color on the shoulder, and innerwear was a purplish-gray mock-turtleneck shirt. This Starfleet uniform was also serviced with the USS Enterprise-D, USS Voyager.

 Voyager Starfleet Uniform

Star Trek Starflleet Uniform
Voyager Starfleet B'Elanna Torres Costume
Voyager Starfleet Uniform

3. Star Trek TNG The Next Generation Uniform

Star Trek: The Next Generation had a huge legacy to live up to. Gender equality would allow the same uniform to be worn by both male and female crew members was the main idea of the designer, so the dress worked for the standard Star Trek uniform. if you wear one of the Star Trek TNG dresses, you’re guaranteed to be recognized.

Star Trek Uniform
Star Trek Uniform
Star Trek Uniform

4. Star Trek the Original Series Uniform

Every color in the Star Trek shirt has meaning, in the Star Trek the Original Series, commanding officers wear gold shirts, science officers wear blue shirts, and engineering officers wear red shirts.

Star Trek Uhura Dress
Female Duty Uniform
Star Trek The Original Series Uniform

5. Star Trek Into Darkness Uniform

Star Trek: Into Darkness dress embodies the woman charming, from the sleek curves to the subtle design, the dress features supple fabric and a slender cut. If you want to attend the convention dressed in Uhura uniform, Star Trek: Into Darkness dresses will help you catch all eyes on you.

Uhura Red Uniform
Uhura Yellow Uniform
Uhura Blue Uniform

6. Star Trek Discovery Uniform

The Starfleet uniforms of Discovery use gold lines to identify the command division, which traditionally encompasses officers and crewmen in command and control functions. That includes captains, executive officers, helmsmen and navigators.

 Gabriel Lorca Costume

Gabriel Lorca Costume
Christopher Pike Uniform

Christopher Pike was a male Human Federation Starfleet officer who was perhaps best known for serving as the commander of the USS Enterprise. Get ready to enjoy the best Picard Cosplay experience at the 2024 Star Trek convention.


Christopher Pike Uniform

7. Star Trek Hoodie

If you are preparing for the Star Trek convention this year, then this is the costume for you if you want to branch out away from the classic characters.


Star Trek Hoodie
Star Trek Hoodie
Star Trek Hoodie

Order Yours Now!

We believe many of you have been invited to this Star Trek convention or gotten tickets, and you are planning which Star Trek uniform to wear. there are many roles and characters you could cosplay with the entire Star Trek costume.  

So pick up which Star Trek uniform you will wear! will it be Uhaura, Picard, or Captain Pike? Now give us a shot, choose the Star Trek uniforms which will help you stand out among your friends.

If you like this guide, don't forget to share this link with your friends and family.

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