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Halloween Costumes Ideas

7 Easy Kids Star Wars Costumes For Your Boys And Girls

by ACcosplay Costume 07 Jan 2021

There are a lot of movies give kids positive power in the progress of growth, Star Wars is one of the influence. They dream of wearing kids Star Wars costumes to fly away in the Star Wars universe. To entertain your boys and girls, we have 7 kids Star Wars costumes to make little kiddos become great heroes. Get ready to see easy cosplay ideas and cool costumes for your angles!

Kids Star Wars Costumes

Kids always imitate adults in their life and on TV, movies. Star Wars Jedi Masters are good examples to guide them on the way to be great people. They also like to dress up in cosplay costumes to get the experience of being an adult. Kids Star Wars costumes will equip their dream to be reality. What cosplay ideas does your kid like? Find the best Star Wars costumes for kids in the following!

Obi-Wan Cosplay Costume

Style 1


Star Wars Obi-Wan Cosplay Costume


Style 2


Kids Star Wars Obi-Wan Cosplay Costume




Kids Star Wars Obi-Wan Cosplay Costume


Obi-Wan is a supporting Jedi Master, he is a respected Jedi knight, wise and brave. Obi-Wan cosplay costumes are greatest cosplay ideas to pick from kids Star Wars costumes. These easy cosplay ideas also save your time to choose Star Wars Halloween costumes. Any kids dressed as Jedi warrior is going to be a true hero. May the force be with your little Jedi.

Darth Maul Cosplay Costume

Style 1


Kids Star Wars Darth Maul Cosplay Costume


Style 2


Kids Star Wars Darth Maul Cosplay Costume


Darth Maul is a major antagonist and a powerful Zabrak Sith Lord. Isn’t the Darth Maul cosplay costume as badass as he is? Although Darth Vader is a bad example for kids, but we can’ deny that he has cool costumes. If you have two boys, you can absolutely buy these kids Star Wars costumes. I bet your boys would love to wear and start the battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul, especially as Star Wars Halloween costumes.

Baby Yoda Costume

Style 1


Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Cosplay Costume




Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Cosplay Costume


Speaking of Star Wars cosplay costumes, Mandalorian cosplay lately has come to the top list. Baby Yoda costume is aspiring Star Wars costumes for kids, because it encourage kids tiny body is full of wisdom and energy as well. As Baby Yoda is happier with his protector, your kids will also feel happier as long as you join them with adults Star Wars cosplay costumes. If you need any suggestions, please refer to the latest article: Best 5 Easy Last-Minute Mandalorian Cosplay You Need.

Top Selling Star Wars Costumes At ACcosplay


Not only Star Wars costumes, all the cosplay costumes you see at ACcosplay have these features:

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?  

I’m sure as parents your new’s resolution is to spend more fun time with your kids and witness them grow in the new year. Family cosplay with kids Star Wars costumes and adults Star Wars costumes is a great hobby that will bond you and your kids closer. Accosplay coupon code for new year offers 10% off for you to get best Star Wars costumes and have enjoyable memories with your kids. Let’s get a new start from now!  

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