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Halloween Costumes Ideas

10 Last Minute Easter Costume: ACcosplay 2024 Easter Day Sale

by ACcosplay Costume 23 Mar 2024

Easter Day is Coming soon, if you have not prepared for it yet, then this article will get you the best cosplay costume guide. Staying with the trend, we collect 10 top Easter costumes based on your favorite dramas and movies from 2023-2024. if you are going to wear a trending costume, one of these 10 easter costumes is your best bet.

What can I dress up as for Easter?

Here are the costumes you will probably see the most this year.

  • Napoleon Costume
  • Star Wars Costumes
  • The Hunger Games Costume
  • Hazbin Hotel Costume
  • Lisa Frankenstein Costume
  • Corpse Bride Costume
  • Deadpool Costume
  • Suicide Squad Costume
  • Game of Thrones Costume
  • Devil May Cry Costume

1.Napoleon Costume

You don't have to drop hints about who you are as this Ester Day, when you appear in the parade with this Napoleon costume, your powerful image of the emperor will catch all of the people.

Napoleon Costume
Napoleon Costume

2.Star Wars Obi-Wan Costume

There is never a bad time to wear Star Wars costume. here we recommend our latest costume-Obi-wan costumes series to you, Obi-wan costumes are all the rage right now. if possible, you can build a team with your friend or Star Wars cosplay lovers, No matter who are you going to dress up, don't forget to leave a message or picture on our media channel.

Obi-Wan Costume


3.The Hunger Games Costume

Whether you are planning to dress up as lucy for Easter Day party or a convention, putting a Hunger Games costume is really simple. since this movie is so popular, Hunger game costume will be the hottest Easter costume.

The Hunger Games Costume

4.Hazbin Hotel Costume

Are you looking for Hazbin Hotel costume ideas? check out our best Hazbin Hotel costumes at, Grab your closest friends and dress as your favorite character of Hotel Hazbin, it will be defenitely perfect for Easter Day or cosplay.

Hazbin Hotel Costume

5.Lisa Frankenstein Costume

2024 new movie LISA FRANKENSTEIN has been released, the dress of the role character, which of designer is Meagan McLaughlin-Luster, is getting inspiration from Victorian-era aesthetics with the nostalgic fashions of the late 80s. The style of Lisa Frankenstein dress is commit with atmosphere of Easter Day, to get Lisa Frankenstein dress, all you need is a black sheer dotted top, and layered with a black tulle dress, laywews over a long sleeve short shawl, pair with a black waist belt and a black leather shoes.

Lisa Frankenstein Costume

6.Corpse Bride Costume

Emily is the main character of the famous animated Tim Burton, Corpse Bride Emily costume has become one of the most popular Easter costumes. Engage in undead riding this Easter by dressing up like a corpse bride, What you need to do is to wear a white wedding dress and have a horror corpse makeup.

Corpse Bride Costume

7. Deadpool Costume

The movie Deadpool 3 will be put on soon, Deadpool cosplay lovers all can't wait ready for Deadpool suit, what are you waiting for? you may not want to miss awesome easter eggs. we predict that Deadpool costume will be one of the most popular easter costumes this year.

Deadpool Costume

8.Harley Quinn Costume

Dressing up as Harley Quinn is a great idea for Easter costume themed, this Easter night is meant to be fun. Lady Gaga who played the Joker created some buzz among her fans and fashion lovers, and Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn costume also won the nominations for the best design award. Many one of you are willing to follow Lady gaga fashion idea, Show your respect to your star, and be ready with the same Harley Quinn costume.

Harley Quinn Costume

9.Game of Thrones Costume

Game of Thrones costumes are absolutely gorgeous, no matter what it is for Easter Day or a convention, or any holiday, you would check out many Game of Thrones costumes. If you or your group are looking for the best Game of Thrones costumes, you are certainly in the right place. Daenerys Targaryenk is the most popular woman from Game of Thrones, so choosing your Daenerys dress as an Easter costume will be a good idea, Don't forget to bring some dragons with you!



10.Devil May Cry Costume

Do you like the game Devil May Cry? Here we recommend you an eye-grabbing look of a character, whose name is Nico. Cosplay as Nico by wearing a yellow vest, blue denim short pants with a pair of long brown boots, and getting all of the accessories, then Nico is the look for you.

Don't forget to have a gun complete your Easter appearance.

Devil May Cry Costume

ACcosplay 2024 Easter Day Sale

What are you planning to wear for this Easter? Everyone wants to look good for such a joyful holiday. Well, we have thought what you of cosplayer lovers thought. ACcosplay Easter Sale offers your favorite Easter costume, you will get the best cosplay costumes at a low price.

Get ready for Easter costume now!

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